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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

1. Lesson Price

At BLUEXEE, teachers have the flexibility to set the price for their lessons at their discretion and can adjust it anytime. These price changes apply to future bookings only, and it's important to note that once lessons are sold, retroactive price adjustments are not possible.

2. Trial Lesson

Students can book a Trial Lesson with a teacher to assess teaching methods and style. After a successful Trial Lesson, students can proceed to book lesson packages with the teacher.

3. Lesson Packages

To provide a convenient way for learners to purchase multiple lessons, we offer lesson packages (e.g., 6 lessons, 12 lessons, 20 lessons, or 40 lessons). Booking a lesson package is possible only after a successful Trial Lesson.

BLUEXEE automatically generates lesson packages based on individual lesson prices set by the teachers. These packages are available to learners, offering a convenient way to acquire multiple lessons at a discounted price. The validity period for a lesson package is 3 months, and all lessons should be completed within this timeframe.

4. Platform Fee for Teachers

Creating a profile, applying to become a teacher, and utilizing the tools and materials on BLUEXEE are all entirely free.

4.1 Commission Fee for a Lesson

BLUEXEE applies a 15% commission fee on the listed lesson price for each lesson taught by a teacher.

4.2 Commission Fee for a Trial Lesson

For the first lesson with a new student, BLUEXEE charges a one-time 50% commission fee on the teacher's listed lesson price. This fee is specific to trial lessons and is not applicable to regular lessons thereafter.

4.3 Change of Price or Commission

BLUEXEE has the right to update prices and commission fees. Students and teachers will be informed accordingly prior to an update. Both sides have the right to withdraw from their activities on the BLUEXEE platform at any time.

5. Lesson Cancellation

Both teachers and students have the option to cancel lessons up to 5 hours before the scheduled start time. In case of a student cancellation, the fee will be refunded to the student's wallet. If the teacher cancels or fails to show up, and it is reported by the student, a refund will be issued to the student's wallet.

If a student fails to attend, the teacher will receive payment for the lesson or has the option to decide if he or she wants to reschedule.

6. Third-Party Payment Fees

When purchasing lessons on BLUEXEE, additional fees may be charged by third-party providers offering the respective payment methods. These fees are beyond BLUEXEE's control, and any liability in this regard is disclaimed. Users are advised to review the terms of use for the chosen payment method.

7. Lesson Confirmation

Students must confirm the status of a lesson within 24 hours or report a problem with the lesson. After this period, the lesson will be automatically marked as completed and confirmed.

8. Waiting Time for Lessons with Language Instructor/Learner: Entire Lesson

If a teacher is delayed by at least 15 minutes, the student may request a refund. If a student is 50% late for the lesson, the lesson fee will still be deducted and transferred to the teacher. In case of repeated teacher absences, BLUEXEE reserves the right to exclude the teacher from the platform.

9. Feedback and Ratings for Lessons

Students are encouraged to provide feedback and ratings for their teachers after successful lessons. Participation is optional, but feedback should be genuine and honest, without fraud, spam, or other abusive content.

10. Security and Financial Fraud

BLUEXEE reserves the right to impose transaction limits for security reasons. In the case of faulty transactions, BLUEXEE may request refunds.

11. Dispute Resolution between Teachers and Students

In case of disagreements, teachers and students are encouraged to communicate directly. If a resolution cannot be reached, BLUEXEE may act as a mediator, requesting relevant communication records for a fair assessment.

12. BLUEXEE as a Facilitator

BLUEXEE operates as a facilitator, bringing together learners and educators and providing tools to enhance online instruction. It's crucial to emphasize that BLUEXEE itself does not offer online teaching services and does not function as a language learning school.

Educators register as freelancers on BLUEXEE, offering their services directly to learners through the platform. Compensation is securely processed through BLUEXEE's financial channel.

Independent educators are not employed by BLUEXEE. In their role as independent contractors, they collaborate with BLUEXEE and assume responsibility for:

  • - Identifying applicable tax reporting obligations and requirements.
  • - Paying income taxes as individuals in their country of residence (where they are tax residents).
  • - Forwarding all accrued or received taxes to the relevant authority.

BLUEXEE does not provide tax advice to its users or supply legal documents. It strongly recommends seeking advice from a tax professional in their own country for any queries. Educators can generate a certificate or earnings report on their Teacher Dashboard for informational purposes.

13. Update Pricing Policy

BLUEXEE has the right to update this pricing policy. Students and teachers need to regularly check the website for changes.

14. Contacting Customer Support

For inquiries, reports of violations, or assistance, feel free to reach out to our customer support through BLUEXEE.